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Now That I Applied - Now What?

Once you've successfully submitted your application to participate in a CKV workshop, these are things to do and facts to know!

1. REGISTER IN OUR LEARNING COMMUNITY As soon as possible, please join our online learning community if you have not already. Access our learning community and sign up on: http://celebratekansas.ning.com/

2. OUR AGENDA AND START TIMES Each day of our workshop please plan to arrive by 8:15 and start work at 8:30 am. The first two days we will conclude by 3:30 pm. On day 3 we will finish by 12:30 pm. Our detailed workshop agenda is available as a shared Google Doc.

3. POST-WORKSHOP EXPECTATIONS In the six months following your CKV workshop, we expect you to facilitate AT LEAST one student-created video project which is submitted/published on our online learning community. This is one of the important goals of the CKV workshop: Empowering Kansas educators to empower students to become digital storytellers themselves. Student-created videos should be submitted in our learning community following your workshop either by educators using their account, or by students who are at least 13. Students can create their own accounts on our learning community and submit videos, but students must use a graphical avatar instead of a photograph for their profile page. All submitted videos and new user accounts in our learning community are moderated.

4. MORE WORKSHOP INFO CKV workshops are led by a lead-facilitator and one or two co-facilitators, who are all past CKV or COV (Celebrate Oklahoma Voices) participants. CKV is a pilot project starting in August 2010, based on the COV project. Learn more about COV on the project wiki: http://wiki.celebrateoklahoma.us You can also stay up to date with CKV/COV project news by following StoryChasers on Twitter! http://twitter.com/storychasers

5. BRING STORY IDEAS! We encourage you to bring ideas for the digital story which you will create during this 2.5 day hands-on, minds-on workshop. We recommend you view at least 2 or 3 of the 700+ Oklahoma teacher and student created videos in our learning community to get ideas about the story you’d like to create digitally: http://lc.celebrateoklahoma.us/video Many of our participants bring photos (already scanned or in electronic format on a CD or USB/Flash drive) to the workshop to use for their digital story. This is not required, but can be a great help in locating media resources to use for your project you'll complete during the workshop. Thanks for your participation in Celebrate Kansas Voices! Our project facilitators and past participants look forward to not only seeing the video you will create during your workshop, but also the videos your students will create following your workshop!


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