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[murmur] is a documentary oral history project that records stories
and memories told about specific geographic locations. We collect and
make accessible people's personal histories and anecdotes about the
places in their neighborhoods that are important to them. In each of
these locations we install a [murmur] sign with a telephone number on it
that anyone can call with a mobile phone to listen to that story while
standing in that exact spot, and engaging in the physical experience of
being right where the story takes place. Some stories suggest that the
listener walk around, following a certain path through a place, while
others allow a person to wander with both their feet and their gaze.

The stories we record range from personal recollections to more "historic" stories, or sometimes both — but always are told from a personal point of view, as if the storyteller is just out for a stroll
and was casually talking about their neighbourhood to a friend.

It's history from the ground up, told by the voices that are often overlooked when the stories of cities are told. We know about the skyscrapers, sports stadiums and landmarks, but [murmur] looks for the
intimate, neighbourhood-level voices that tell the day-to-day stories
that make up a city. The smallest, greyest or most nondescript building
can be transformed by the stories that live in it. Once heard, these
stories can change the way people think about that place and the city at

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