Celebrate Kansas Voices

A learning community empowering digital witnesses of Kansas oral history

COLLEGE CREDIT INFO ((optional, but available)

EDCI 502: Celebrate Kansas Voice: Digital Storytelling for K-12 Teachers: Link to Course Info

Instructions on how to enroll as a nondegree-seeking student can be found at http://www.dce.k-state.edu/courses/how-to-enroll 

Can be taken for graduate or undergraduate credit and may enroll in 1, hour or 2 hours or 3 hours.

Credit Option     Hours     Tuition
Undergraduate     1         304.00
Undergraduate     2         608.00
Undergraduate     3         912.00
Graduate              1         393.00
Graduate              2        786.0
Graduate              3         1179.00
It is set up that enrollment must be completed by Aug 6.  The advantage of that is someone could choose to enroll after they arrive.  And ending on Aug 23, mean I have to submit grades a day or two after Aug 23.  If they enroll after Aug 6, they get charges an extra $50

This is the course description information:
Title: Celebrate Kansas Voice: Digital Storytelling for K-12 Teachers
CKV is a statewide digital storytelling project empowering learners to become digital witnesses, archiving local oral history and sharing that history safely on the global stage of the Internet. Our project is starting in 2010, based on the successful Celebrate Oklahoma Voices project which started in 2006.    

Participation in all three days of this educational workshop is required. In addition, each participant is expected to CREATE AND SHARE AT LEAST one digital story WITH STUDENTS in the six month period of time following the workshop. Our goal is that you will USE the knowledge and skills you gain in this workshop, and actually help students CREATE digital stories by interviewing local veterans or others in your community. Optionally, you can apply to co-teach / facilitate a "Celebrate Kansas Voices" for other teachers as well as students, if desired. We expect you to CREATE and SHARE at least one digital story made with students following your participation in this workshop.      

Project Details: Celebrate Kansas Voice: Digital Storytelling for K-12 Teachers
This is a 3 day technology integration workshop as part of the "Celebrate Kansas Voices" digital storytelling project. More details about this project are available on our project learning community, http://celebratekansas.ning.com/.

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Hi, While I am not interested in college credit, I am interested in becoming a trainer for Kansas. Any information on that?
It will be discussed during the workshop this week.

Susie Corbett said:
Hi, While I am not interested in college credit, I am interested in becoming a trainer for Kansas. Any information on that?
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